Process & Cost

StaffSure provides business and government, from farmers and factories through to banks and bureaucrats, with a simple way to source and engage reputable Workforce Service Providers with proven business integrity who look after their workers and don’t pose a risk for those that rely upon them. 

SGS, the world’s largest certification firm, manages the StaffSure audit program and is the first tier audit firm. SGS manage a biennial program of audits aligned to international standards set as part of the StaffSure standard. 

The fees for completion of a StaffSure audit are set by SGS, as the program manager and first tier audit firm. For information on SGS fees for StaffSure auditing in Australia click here. For information on SGS fees for StaffSure auditing in New Zealand click here.

StaffSure certification is available to any business or person that provides a workforce service in Australia and New Zealand so long as they are prepared to be independently audited against the StaffSure Standard, which covers six key business integrity elements. 

  1. Fit & Proper Persons own and run the business

  2. Work Status & Remuneration to ensure workers receive minimum employment Entitlements

  3. Financial Assurance to operate the business sustainably

  4. Safe Work for all workers

  5. Immigration and visa laws are complied with

  6. Accommodation supplied by employers or clients is suitable and rent is fair

StaffSure also requires a firm to have appropriate systems and processes to manage their ‘service network’. Service network participants are businesses that provide workforce services to another workforce service provider, usually under some form of sub-contract arrangement. No other scheme or licensing program does this. 

Higher risk providers, or providers supplying higher risk sectors, identified through the audit process, or by RCSA, will be required to have annual audits until they are confirmed as meeting the StaffSure Certification Standard. 

Random surprise audits are also conducted to provide added assurance that systems, processes and controls remain current and effective throughout the StaffSure certification lifecycle. 

For more information on the auditing process, as well as fees for StaffSure auditing in Australia, click here. For information on SGS fees for StaffSure auditing in New Zealand click here.

StaffSure Interactive Self-Assessment
SGS have built an interactive self-assessment and training tool to assist workforce service providers, interested in StaffSure certification, to assess their readiness for a StaffSure Audit. This training includes self-assessment questions at the end of each section covered. These questions are formulated off the specific audit questions. Access to this self-assessment is available for 12 months after the purchase date to measure your progression. 

Click here to view the StaffSure Interactive Self Assessment