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StaffSure is a certification scheme which makes it simple for business, government and workers to find and partner with reputable Workforce Service Providers that source and supply workers and professionals in every industry and occupation. 

When business and government engage StaffSure Certified providers they reduce their legal risk and reward firms with business integrity and a proven commitment to the protection of workers and professionals. 

If you use labour hire providers, professional contracting firms, employment agencies or payroll providers demand that they are StaffSure Certified
Who should use StaffSure?

Business and government using Workforce Service Providers such as labour hire providers, professional contracting firms or employment agencies that want to reduce their risk profile and support schemes to improve market integrity.
Workforce Service Providers wanting to prove their business integrity.
Workers wanting to find reputable Workforce Service Providers to have confidence they will be treated well and receive entitlements.
Social and community groups wanting to promote integrity in the employment market.